The “BIG HIT FISHING” Brand was first launched back in 2004 as the first ever clothing brand to cater totally to the Fisherman. After being involved in the Surfwear industry for many years and being avid fishermen we realised that there was no one creating clothing specifically designed for the fisherman and those who loved the outdoor lifestyle. So, after extensive research we came up with a range of innovative and functional garments that also looked great. A combination that is often difficult achieve.


The reaction was instant and Big Hit, pre social media, gained a huge following amongst fishermen. We were fortunate to have the support of Cricketing legend and avid Fisherman, Matty Hayden as a brand ambassador along with long time professional fishing guide Brad Smith to offer his crucial expertise. The clothing was often seen on TV being worn by the likes of Ken Brown from Brownies Coast Watch and Paul Worsteling from iFish.



Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond our control at the time the BIG HIT FISHING label had to be shelved despite sales in the first two seasons being far beyond our expectations. The passion for fishing still remained and the desire to resurrect BIG HIT has always been there.

Now with fishing being even more popular than ever we thought we had to relaunch the label. So, with all new branding, but with the same eye toward innovation we are again bringing BIG HIT FISHING to the Fisherman.

The BIG HIT FISHING brand represents the fishing lifestyle. Adventure, challenge, mateship, the dream of the ultimate fishing trip and that next BIG HIT.